Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Recent adventures

 Hi!! I know I just made a post but I wanted to separate my hair ramblings from other stuff because it was turning out to be one enormous post and just getting ridiculous 

Last Friday Bryan  and I went home to visit both of our parents! I tried something different with my eye makeup and also tried out the Sephora blush called Over the Moon. It's a really pretty bright pink!!

Then on Sunday we went to see a gem show!! We were hoping for more pearls and beads because we are trying to collect some stuff for Bryan  to make me a tiara for our wedding, but it was sorta underwhelming ●︿● at least we got to see some cool fossils tho! 

I just wore bootcut jeans with my Rady x Hello Kitty hoodie and some puffy earrings!

After the gem show we went out to eat at a place close to us. They had this new dish that was like german mac and cheese, lol. I really liked it!!

Today while I was looking for hair stuff I picked up this tiny palette for traveling and this minnie mouse brush set! I am going on a few trips this year and I don't want to bring my more expensive eyeshadows with me in case they break (◕︵◕) Plus my favorite is super big so it's just not great to travel with. 

It's a little hard to see, but the shadows are actually really nice at least when I swatched them on my hand!! I'm excited to use them. 

I also got these jeans at target (✿ ♥‿♥) I'm trying to buy less clothes since I am moving this summer, but I was actually looking for wider leg jeans that are a little longer than the ones I have. I thought this patten was really cute! I'm thinking of using them for a sort of cuter/sweeter amekaji type style. 

That's all for now!! I hope you enjoyed reading ★~(◡﹏◕✿)

Haircare ♥

 Hey! I wanted to talk about my haircare today!! 

Ok. So my hair is kinda curly wavy, and it's sorta looked like total crap lately bc I haven't been taking care of it properly. I used to be SO into haircare around like 2019 and i felt like it always looked good, but my hair has changed a little since then just due to having no more heat tool damage. Before summer 2019 I was frying it every day with no heat protectant bc i thought hair products were a scam. LOL. 

Anyways, I did a lot of researching about why my hair looks like crap but used to look really good and (other than me just being lazy) i realized i never really accounted for my hair's porosity, which is way more important than the pattern (straight, curly, wavy, coily). Manes by Mell has a good youtube video but basically porosity is how porous your hair is,  and usually undamaged hair is lower porosity so it absorbs less product. I rarely use heat tools anymore other than diffusing with a blow dryer (which is barely any heat on mine) so I think my hair has gotten lower porosity since 2019 when I first started wearing it naturally. ANYWAYS this basically just meant I needed to learn how to take care of low porosity hair. My hair strands are also fine (i have dense hair not thin hair, each strand is fine). I did a lot of reading and watching videos to learn about fine and low porosity hair, and here are some things i'm doing. just a side note, this isn't like a hair guide or anything, if your hair is a different width or porosity this might not work out for you!!

1. Not using products with heavy ingredients, like butters, heavy oils, or heavy silicones. I do use silicones sometimes, just not the heavy ones like dimethicone. I had a lot of products with heavy oils (castor, coconut...) and heavy silicones that were weighing down my hair 
2. Making sure i get a protein/moisture balance. i used to do this but now i'm choosing products more purposefully, and making sure that one styler has protein. 
3. Looking for products with lightweight moisture and oils. I'm not specifically limiting myself ingredient wise, but I know jojoba, sunflower, avocado and argan oils are lightweight so if these are in a product that calls itself lightweight then I can know it's accurate! 
4. Actually using a product with hold. I was trying to do a "one and done" method where the product I used really didn't have much hold at all. Just from living with my natural texture for a few years I know I can't get away with just a cream, or foam, I need a gel or mousse. 
5. Going back to using more than 1 product. Since products all have different uses, it's best to use more than 1 for curly hair. As you'll see later, i did try just 1 product but my hair benefits MOST from using at least a leave in and styler, maybe more. 

Generally, I am going to actually try to take better care of my curls so I can feel proud of my hair and love it for it's unique texture. I want to find products that don't weigh my hair down and hold the curl instead of randomly picking stuff I saw other people using. 

Here's some products I used yesterday!

Twist by Ouidad lightly clarifying shampoo, Garnier Fructis Papaya Hair Treat, Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Lotion

 Both the shampoo and lotion are new! I liked this shampoo because it has a sulfate to really clarify my hair but it isn't too stripping to my hair. I only use the conditioner as a mask after I clarify my hair, i've been using it for a long time! 

This is how my hair turned out! I think it's pretty good, I definitely need a leave in before and an oil after though because it was SO STATICY lol. I also think I may add a little bit of gel next time. The lotion is almost like a cross between a liquid gel and very light lotion. It held up ok overnight, but I think a gel would help in the future, 

Here are some additions to my routine featuring luna (≧▽≦) eva nyc Mane Magic Primer for fine hair, and Raw Sugar endless hair glow oil. I tried the oil on my hair today and really liked it! I use an oil when my hair is dried as a finisher to either break the gel/mousse cast or just seal the moisture in. 

Once I use everything together I'll let you know how it turns out!! 

TBH i've kinda always struggled with loving my hair texture. Not to make the post all sad, but growing up I always brushed it dry and once I was old enough started frying it with a flat iron every day with no heat protectant for probably like 6 years. I never saw girls with actual wavy hair in ads or on bottles so i literally didn't know it could look good. I thought you had to have spiral curls to use products and that they wouldn't help my "ugly" hair. I always thought my hair was the ugly before photo you see on hair straightening ads, so literally i thought that was the only option (◕︵◕) 

Now I really struggle with wanting it to be curlier. (◕︵◕) I still kinda have beef with beauty store ads because every "wavy" haired girl they show to advertise product has curling iron curls and waves, not actual waves. It makes me feel like wavy hair is the ugly sister to curly hair ◄.► I always wanted pretty spiral curls, so I guess maybe that's why too, but it's just hard to accept the natural texture that grows out of your head i think. I wish i saw more girls with a similar pattern to mine even posting online so I could chat with someone who gets it.

Anyway, I hope that this journey will help me love my hair more even though it's not exactly perfect! I want to wear my curls for my wedding in May so I want to have a good routine down by then so the hairstylist can work with my real texture and not have to touch up much with heat tools. 

see you next time!! ≧◡≦

Monday, January 23, 2023

Mall trip (◠﹏◠✿)

 Hi there!! Today I went to the mall with Marissa! (◠﹏◠✿)

First here's my outfit and make for the day!! I wanted to do a more girly amekaji inspired look and I felt really cute (◡‿◡✿) I got this shirt when Sam and I went to Kalahari for a con so I love wearing it since it always reminds me of good times ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

Marissa and I met up at this cool taco place we never tried before. Of course I forgot to get a photo of the actual tacos ●︿● but at least i got this photo of my white peach margarita LOL

I had a credit card reward at Sephora that was gonna expire soon so I wanted to grab something fun. I thought I would try out this wave spray by Briogeo since I have wavy hair and I've kinda been searching for the BEST hair product, so i'll see how it goes! 

I also had a free product at Bath and Body Works, so I picked out this lotion. It kinda smells like raspberries and maybe some florals or vanilla! It goes really well with the raspberry spray I got. I actually thought I missed out on Sun Ripened Raspberry because it was all out of stock at the other mall, but I found it today on clearance for $4 and i was SO HAPPY ♥‿♥

We also went into Aeropostale because I was looking for jeans, and instead of jeans I found these. ♥‿♥ They were both on a huge sale too!! I thought the flannel would look really cute for layering in the spring, and the hoodie is super soft. I actually had no idea it has little ears on it until I got home, which was the best surprise! (✿ ♥‿♥)

Right when I got home from the mall, Bryan  texted me  and said he felt like taking an adventure. So we drove to Sheetz for a hamburger and then Wendy's for frosties ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ We had such a good time driving around and listening to music! 

That's all for today!! Thanks for reading (◠﹏◠✿)

Friday, January 20, 2023

Nail goals

 Hi! Two posts in one day, is that a record for me? 🤣

I’ve decided I want to try to grow out my natural nails since I’m usually just wearing short press ons anyways. Tbh I have pretty shit nails bc they break and rip all the time even if I take care of them so I’ve never really tried growing them out. But I remember when I used to get dip powder or do it at home that my nails would grow since they are protected by the powder, so I think I’m gonna try to do dip powder for a few months to see if it works! I’m trying to avoid gel since it cures with a UV light and my nails are so sensitive that sometimes the curing makes it feel like my nails are burning 😭 

I did a dip powder manicure today and I think it turned out cute! It definitely isn’t as perfect as I’d like since it’s been at least a year (probably more like 2) since I’ve used dip powder, but I watched some videos and read some tips and tricks so I think next time will be even better! 

I really wanna have nice nails for all my wedding events without getting back into the acrylic cycle of constantly needing fills, so I hope this works!  

New Year's Trip

 Hi! I wanted to tell you all about my trip to Chicago for New Years! 

Bryan  and my friend from college had his wedding on New Years Eve, so we headed out a couple days early in hopes to see some of the city before! Unfortunately... that didn't happen ●︿● the wedding was kinda chaotic ... long story short we were forced to cancel our fun plans. But we still did have a fun time with one of our good friends and her boyfriend!

Before we left for our trip, I went to the mall with my friend Marissa. This is when I found out about Pink bringing back all the fun 2010 era stuff, so I couldn't resist buying this! I also got 2 body sprays. One is Vanilla Coconut and the other is Bronzed Coconut. Can you tell I have a coconut obsession?
 (✿ ♥‿♥)

The first day we got there I didn't wear anything fancy since we were driving all day! We met up with our friends who were also in town for the wedding and went to the bar/restaurant across the street from our hotel. This drink was sooo pretty so I had my friend help me take a photo ♥‿♥ We ended up going back to this place a few times! 

Ok I kinda hate the face I'm making in this selfie〴⋋_⋌〵 but this was my makeup and outfit from the second day. We didn't get to do much this day but we did go out to eat which was fun! I was so excited to use my new kate spade bag I received for Christmas. (✿◠‿◠) My theme for this trip was Onee so I got a lot of use out of it so far! I also just bought the top and shorts from Forever 21 and I was SO excited to debut the outfit, lol. 

Then New Years Eve was the wedding! I really liked my look from this day (◡‿◡✿) I was so excited to wear this outfit since I don't get to dress up fancy very often, and I randomly found this headband that was the same gold and black star pattern as my dress!

I even found star earrings, so I felt super cute. (◡‿◡✿) We had a really fun time, and it was so exciting to have a party to attend on New Years Eve!! 

On the last day of our trip we got to go to see the big natural history museum!! I love ancient history and dinosaurs so I was super excited that we had time for this. 

Me with Sue, I think this is the most complete T Rex fossil ever found!

This was the dinosaur they had in the lobby, his name is Maximo! 

We had a really fun time on our trip despite some confusion along the way!! Thanks for reading, I'll see you later (◕‿◕✿) 


Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Wedding cake tasting ヽ(^◇^*)/

 Hi! I wanted to tell you about my wedding cake tasting ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ 

Planning our wedding has been so much fun so far, but I've been looking forward to the cake the most besides my dress. ♥‿♥ 

These are all the cakes we got to try! I think there was raspberry, strawberry, chocolate fudge, and one was a mix of pineapple, cherry and almond. We decided to go with the chocolate since it was my favorite (✿ ♥‿♥)

This was one of our inspo photos! Our cake is going to look similar, except there will be some sage green and I want a bride and groom statue for the top. 

This was my outfit for the day! I didn't want to use lashes today since they're been bothering my eyes but I still think this turned out cute. I want to experiment some more with no-lashes looks for casual days. I wore the parfait necklace Sam made for me since we were visiting a bakery!  ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ 

Thanks for reading! I'm so happy I found my blogging motivation again! See you soon!! 

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Going to see a show ≧◡≦

 Hi there!! I'm so happy to be making regular posts again ≧◡≦ 

Yesterday Bryan and I went to see a show at the fancy theater! I was really excited to wear my Ariel dress (✿ ♥‿♥) 

tbh I spent like 3 hours on this look  and my hair did not coperate (◡︿◡✿) I tried like 5 hairstyles and i just got super frustrated. It was just one of those days (-_- )ノ I was kinda self conscious but looking back i think this actually turned out pretty cute! Now I just  have to learn some new hairstyles so I don't end up being upset again (≧o≦)  

I used that Juvia's Place blush i mentioned last post and it was super cute ≧◡≦ i'm gonna use it a lot in the future! 

We had a really good time at the show! It was traditional Chinese dance which was super cool. They wouldn't let you take pics tho ●︿●  It was a nice opportunity to relax from all the wedding planning and crazy stuff going on with my health and work!! 

That's all for today! Next time I think I wanna scan my Britney Spears Blenda or upload some long hair inspo. Thanks for reading ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

Friday, January 13, 2023

Mall Gets

 Hi! Today I wanted to show you my mall gets from the past couple weeks (✿◠‿◠)

I went out shopping with my friend Macy yesterday and first we went to Ulta! I had a gift card that I wanted to use, and I needed to refill some things I normally use.  

I havent tried this shave cream before, but I have really sensitive skin so I thought I would give it a try. Next is the eyeliner and mascara and primer, which I already know i love. My eyes have been hurting when I use another eyeliner on my waterline, so I wanted to get a new gel liner. Then I saw these nails on sale ♥‿♥ 

I was trying to get a bright pink blush like you see a lot of Onee and Popteen gals wearing, and I think this is gonna be really cute. I took these pictures when it was dark outside, so it's kinda hard to tell but the pale pink is actually cool toned in real life so I think it'll work out! (✿ ♥‿♥)

So this was actually from another trip but I was so excited to find it. I had just been talking to Mayu about how we both missed this kind of stuff from Pink, and I went into the store and discovered they had a TON of new things in this old 2010 style. I actually got a couple pieces from this release in December, but they're in the wash right now (◕︵◕) 

Anyways, when I went to look for this, the woman at the store brought out a giant pile of clothes from the back for me. She said they literally just unpacked it from the truck and I was the first person to buy them (≧▽≦)  I had to tell someone immediately so I messaged Mayu and she helped me pick out this green set which I'm super obsessed with (✿ ♥‿♥) Sadly it's been too cold to wear it yet though. 

When I went to Pink with Macy I couldn't resist these (⊙︿⊙✿) It's like a guilty pleasure bc I know I already bought some new body sprays like 2 weeks ago but this coconut peach scent just sucked me in. I'm really excited to use the sparkly/tan thing, it's a scented body oil that's supposed to make you sparkly. The bag has a zipper on it, which was exactly what I was looking since I am always carrying a ton of stuff. I always thought I was ridiculous until I saw street snaps where gals are carrying several bags, so now I feel like I fit in (◕△◕✿)

I was so excited to find this skirt at Forever 21 because I have a couple light skirts similar to this that do NOT fit me anymore but I didn't want to give them up until I found a replacement (◕︵◕) I'm sad I couldn't find black or cream which were the original colors I had, but I think this will look really cute too! Plus the fabric is shiny ★~(◡ ‿ ◡✿)

I fell IN LOVE with this dress on the sale rack at forever 21. The print reminded me of something an Onee gal would wear, plus it has cute little butterflies on the straps. I really wanted to wear it to an event this weekend with a coat, but it's going to snow 〴⋋_⋌〵 so it'll have to wait until spring

Finally, I got this little heart shelf at Target! I thought I could use it to display some cute perfume bottles. 

That's all for today! I got a Blenda mag I want to scan soon, see you then! (✿◠‿◠)

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