Tuesday, May 28, 2024



Do you ever look back at a photo and see how good your makeup looked, and you can’t figure out what you did differently? xD that’s how I feel about this 

My eyes look so big and droopy, I don’t know why I did differently that day xD my forehead looks big in this photo, please ignore it. Lol.

Anyways, that’s all for today! Im so behind on posting my outfits and responding to comments from the past couple weeks. I had a big work meetup event all week last week, we all met at the office since lots of people are in other states. So I am super tired after that, but I had a ton of fun! 

See you soon! 

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Tea Lesson & makeup haul


Today was my first tea lesson! I didn’t take pictures since it was in the teacher’s house and I wanted to be respectful of her space. It was so much fun though! Way more complicated than I ever thought.. but I’ll get the hang of it eventually! I brought my best gal spirit and had as much fun as possible even though I was bad at it xD 

I was super anxious about going to the lesson, I barely slept last night. But getting up and putting on my outfit and makeup helped me overcome the fear a little bit. Gyaru helps me feel more confident and care free ≧◡≦ 

The hardest part to learn was folding the little cloth you use to purify/clean all the utensils and bowls. There had to be a million steps for that and I kept messing up, but it was fun regardless. Everyone was really nice and there were 2 other new students, so I got along just fine! 

This was my outfit for the day! I love these Alba capris so much (✿ ♥‿♥) It was super hot (for me anyways), like 85 degrees Fahrenheit. So I was SUFFERING but I was inside most of the time so it was okay. 

I ran to the mall afterwards which is where i took this photo, and I forgot to get a better one xD I had to do a few returns and run to Sephora. I needed to replace my weird elf contour sponge thing and Sephora redid their store brand so it’s actually all safe for me to use now :0 

This is what I got!!  A little more than planned.. lol. I wanted to try the powder and cream contour bc sometimes I feel like the cream gets blended out too much and i want to add more nose contour when I’m finished with my face, but I can’t put cream on top of powder. I also wanted to try an orange blush!! I got a trial size of the hair mask a while ago and I really liked it. My hair tends to be very dry and it tangles super easily, and this is a mask you can leave in your hair overnight. I usually gently brush it through and then braid my hair, and when I take it out in the morning it’s sorta similar to my natural wave pattern. 

I tried some other clothes on at the mall but idk.. I’ve struggled a lot with the heat recently, I used to always be cold all the time but now with my medical issues I’m just too warm constantly (⊙︿⊙✿) I’d look on Mercari japan or something but I want to be able to see the fabrics of things and make sure they’re lightweight enough, or at least be able to return them. 

I’ve been trying to make outfits for hot weather but I’ve sorta just been in an ugly phase I guess?? Some days I just feel ugly and ridiculous.. like nothing looks good on me and my makeup looks bad. I think I need to officially cut ties with instagram. I wish there was a way to keep the chat part and not the rest of the app, bc seeing posts that say other people look “bad” is just not healthy for me personally. I know I’d be happier just reading blogs and looking at magazines… but it’s the hardest social media for me to delete. I never had twitter and I deleted facebook a few months ago and felt instantly better. 

At least today I was able to feel cute and confident, and I hope that starts being the norm for me♥

I’ll figure it out eventually.. I guess maybe it’s an opportunity to destroy my reliance on people’s opinions and truly live what I see as the “gyaru spirit”, just wild and free. I don’t need to look like other gals or compare myself, I just need to look inside myself and be who i am.  

Saturday, May 18, 2024

My Makeup Bag πŸ’• sensitive skin

Hello! I’m so happy I can properly blog again, i got a keyboard for my iPad!! 

I wanted to show you my makeup bag! Over the past few months I’ve had to replace basically everything in my makeup routine because I found out that my makeup was causing my dry eye/eye irritation and irritating my skin as well (◕︵◕) But now I’ve found products that I can use with no issues!! I also had to change my skincare, and stop wearing heavy lashes every day and lining my waterline. It’s definitely been a journey since I had to re-learn how to do my gal makeup. I wanna post a tutorial and skincare posts as well!! (Once I find a daily look I’m happy with) 

A lot of my products now are on the higher end of price, I know it might seem excessive but honestly I just had to go with things that wouldn’t irritate my skin, and for some things I couldn’t find cheaper alternatives that didn’t hurt my skin. 

I’ve pretty much narrowed down what ingredients bother me, but honestly I think there’s more because I do sometimes have a reaction when I try new products.

If you’re curious, these are the ingredients I have to avoid: 

- Hyaluronic acid 

- Talc

- Fragrance

- Hydrogenated Polyisobutane 

- Vitamin C 

- Zinc Oxide (usually in sunscreen) 

This is a super long post, I have a lot to say xD 


Base Makeup

First I use this sunscreen from Innisfree! I’ve had a lot of issues with sunscreen in the past, specifically mineral sunscreen, (horrible acne) so I was really excited to find a sunscreen that worked for me. This product does have fragrance, but for some reason it seems like fragrances in Korean products don’t irritate my skin. Maybe they have different fragrances than US cosmetics?? This one is really nice and I feel like it sort of moisturizes and makes a good base for my makeup! 

For my foundation, I mix the Kosas glow IV and Caliray free dreaming together. I think they just discontinued the Caliray foundation though :( this was another category that was hard for me to find, because skincare is so trendy now and most foundations have things like hyaluronic acid or vitamin C. I really liked the glossier tint too, but that expires pretty quickly. 

The Caliray foundation dries down pretty .. dry. lol. So mixing it with the glow IV makes it a nice medium coverage. The glow IV definitely has a shimmer to it, so if you’re looking for matte maybe stay away from that. I was actually surprised at how much I liked this combo! It makes my skin look hydrated and a bit luminous. 

For concealer I use the NARS creamy concealer under my eyes and cheek area since that’s where I have some redness. I use the NARS pot concealer for acne or dark spots. 

For my eyebrows, I use Morphe’s brow cream in Bicotti! It’s a really good match for my hair color :0 I use the Elf halo glow to contour my nose only. This does contain Hyaluronic acid, but since it’s just on my nose it hasn’t bothered me since that isn’t an area where i get rosacea or acne. I also use the benefit highlighter just for my nose highlight!

One note about the elf contour tho.. the applicator is kinda gross. It’s one of those puffy sponge things. It is a really nice cool toned color, but I’m probably gonna replace it with one of the Sephora contour products just bc it freaks me out not being able to clean the applicator. 

Next I use Laura Mercier’s Real Flawless Luminous Perfecting Talc-Free powder. I like that this powder is subtle, it doesn’t fly around like normal setting powders since it’s baked. It doesn’t really change the way my makeup look either. It has a subtle luminous finish so it doesn’t dry out my skin but does a good job setting my cream products. 


Cheek Makeup

My cheek products!! Can you tell I like blush?  XD Since my eyes are so sensitive, I don’t really like trying new eyeshadows anymore. But I do like to try new lip and cheek products!

Before I use the setting powder, I use the Rare Beauty melting blush in almost rose. It’s an interesting texture, it is almost like a powdery cream?? lol. Then I use the Dior rosy glow blush in pink which has been my favorite for a couple years now. 

Because I’m over the top I also use the pink color in the Dior backstage highlight palette, and the Fenty highlight in Wattabrat. It’s super glittery ♥‿♥ I think it may have talc but I’m not 100% sure, i use so little of it that it hasn’t mattered much. 

This is Fenty’s diamond bomb. I sorta use this everywhere haha. Sometimes I use it on top of my eyeshadow, or on my tear bag highlight, although I think it sorta irritates my eyes when it’s so close to my lash line though so I might stop doing that. I also sometimes use it on my cheeks right next to my eyes if i want a cute blingy look without using actual glitter or rhinestones. 


Eye Makeup

I love how cute these palettes are! The clouds totally match my aesthetic right now. They’re the Covergirl Clean Fresh color palettes. The top one is Shimmering Beige and the bottom is Golden Toffee. I wouldn’t say these are super great eyeshadow palettes, but I really only use them for a little bit of contouring under my eye. They definitely work better with an eye primer! 

These are definitely my favorite eyeshadows right now. They’re Glossier’s lidstar in Slip, Lily and Moon. Slip isn’t that great, but Lily and Moon are really pretty and shimmery. I was really happy that I could find a fun colored eyeshadow that was also safe for my skin. My eye is hooded, so when I use these I use a tiny amount of the Dior backstage highlight on my finger in the crease of my eye to prevent the shadow from creasing. 

The Clinique product is an eyeshadow primer, it works well with the covergirl shadows. I use it under my eye too to keep my droop shadow from fading. 

- Stila ArtiStix graphic liner in Mambo
- Stila Stay All Day Micro tip liner
- Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on waterproof pencil in Yeyo
- Mac Color excess gel pencil liner in Incorruptible 
- Bobbi Brown longwear smudge proof gel eyeliner 

I use the stila liner on my eyelid, idk if I’m super crazy about it. If you have any eyeliner tips let me know in a comment! I always struggle with getting felt tip liners to be smooth on my eyelid, they always look kinda jagged. But it is a lot more crisp and darker than the Bobbi brown one, so I go back and forth since the Bobbi Brown on a liner brush is easier for me to control and get a really sharp wing. I also use the gel liner under my eye for a droop/line depending on the look. 

I use the Mac and Urban Decay liner for my under eye highlight! The Mac one is really a nice bright white even on me so it’s great for old school looks. The Urban decay one is shimmer, so I layer them. 

The stila graphic liner is a really pretty pencil liner in a dark shimmery blue-purple. I like to use it above my black liner on the outside of my eye. 

Tarts is the only brand that makes mascaras that I’ve been able to use long term! I tried the Big Ego mascara, but I prefer Lights Cameras Lashes. I’m specific on how my eyelashes look so I’m picky about mascaras. I really like how much I can build up my lashes with this one (✿ ♥‿♥)

I use this brow pen for my tear bag liner. It’s Colourpop’s Feather Effect brow pen, I’m not sure what color is it, but it’s a pale brown. I don’t actually know the ingredients on this since I’ve had it for a while. 



I’ve either been using light lashes or just a lot of mascara!! I’ve experimented with using some lash clusters and half lashes too which I really like. My favorite cluster lashes are from Lilac Street. I used to use them as “extensions”, basically just a long wear glue and sticking them underneath my lashes, but I have to make sure I really clean everything off my eyes overnight now so I just stick 3 of them on my outer corner where a normal strip lash would be. I haven’t used the super spiky ones yet but I think they’re gonna be super cute ★~(◡﹏◕✿)


Thankfully I can use any lip products, these are my current favorites!! The Dior balm and too faced kissing gloss in Pina Colada are my daily favorite but honestly the gloss looks really good over anything. The gold glitter is super pretty and noticeable but it isn’t gritty. 


My  makeup bag ♥‿♥ I wanted this for over a year so I was super excited when I got it on sale in the winter! It’s from Truly beauty and it was part of a shaving set. The little cloud was from the wet n wild little twin stars collection. I think it was meant to be used as a case for beauty blenders, but I keep a few lipsticks in there instead. I’ve been obsessed with star, moon and cloud prints lately so these match perfectly!! 

This is my eye look for today (✿◠‿◠) I tried for something kind of Onee. 

Thanks for reading!! See you soon!


Thursday, May 16, 2024

Almost summer 🌺

 Hello!! ★~(◡﹏◕✿) I don’t have much to say today, but this morning my hibiscus flower bloomed!! 

Our new apartment has a really nice sized balcony and I’m super excited to decorate it and get some plants! I bought this hibiscus plant at the grocery store over the weekend. I’m glad I noticed it because it was the last one! The flower is ENORMOUS. I wasn’t expecting that since the last flower on it was kinda small. 

It looks kinda silly without a nice flower pot haha. I’m planning on getting a nice looking one soon! 

Now I want more tropical plants so I can have a gal patio ♥‿♥

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

New glasses (✿◠‿◠)

 I got my new glasses in the mail last week!! I think I need to go get them adjusted again but I really like them! I’m surprised I like them so much since I was worried the glasses would overpower my makeup, but I actually really like how they frame my eyes. I think they give a fun vibe to my outfits too (✿◠‿◠)

I’m working from home today so I didn’t really do a ton of makeup. 

This is my outfit for working at home today!  

My friend Sam made this necklace for me and I wear it all the time! I think it looks really cute with casual or feminine outfits, so it’s perfect for my wardrobe ♥‿♥

Sunday, May 12, 2024

DIY keychain 🌺


Today I decorated a keychain (✿◠‿◠)

I’ve been saving some cute tags from clothes I bought for a while now! I thought it would be fun to put them in a clear keychain so I could decorate them and use them as keychains. 

I just bought pink cargo pants from Roxy (✿ ♥‿♥) the tag was super cute and I thought it would be a perfect keychain for my new straw bag! Luckily I had most of my craft stuff at our apartment so I was able to use them to make this! I hope I find my string soon because I think I wanna add a little bead charm to it!! 

That’s all, see you next time ★~(◡﹏◕✿)

Thursday, May 9, 2024

Exciting times ⭐️


I’m so happy, I got an email from a woman who I met at the tea ceremony and she said there’s room for me in her class!! I can’t wait!! 

Hopefully this weekend I can go look at computers too.. I can post on my phone here but it’s hard to respond to comments or comment on anyone’s blogs 😭 I’m thinking I might get a new iPad instead since I can just connect it to a keyboard. I really only use my laptop for the internet and photoshop so that should hopefully work out well!! 

I don’t have any pictures today but here’s one of Luna getting ready to go to bed πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί

Saturday, May 4, 2024

More summer inspo

I’ve been reading through my summer mags today! 

I liked these outfits with Bermuda shorts.. on one hand it would be nice to have those for work maybe but on the other hand I’m not totally sure if I like them on myself xD I never liked Bermuda shorts until I saw this magazine. 

What do you think? 

I finally got this top in the mail today!! This has been a serious dream item for me for a few years now and I never thought I’d find it at a non scalped price. It’s in perfect condition (✿ ♥‿♥)  

Shopping ^.^

 Hello!! I’ve had a busy weekend so far!! 

Yesterday I met up with my friend to go to the mall! I had to return a couple things and wanted to go pick new glasses. 

These are the glasses I picked! I’m so happy I was able to find sunglasses and clear glasses. The saleswoman said they should arrive in 2 weeks!! 

These were my inspo photos!!

I also got these two tops!! 

This one is from aerie! I was so excited when I walked into the store bc their theme right now is bright colors and tropical prints :0 

And I got this at Hollister! This has been my favorite brand recently, all of my cute jeans are from there. They’re the only store I’ve found that has casual clothes with cute details like bows and jeans with hearts and butterfly patterns. 

That’s all for this post!! I have more photos from today but I’m blogging from my phone and it won’t let me post any more photos rn ._. Look for the next post soon! Thanks for reading! 

Friday, May 3, 2024

Summer inspo


I wanted to share some of my inspo for the summer. Recently I’ve realized that as much as I like inspo for cute and sweet styles, I don’t really feel like myself wearing them. I still like wearing himekaji or ryosangatta outfits sometimes, but it just never ends up being something I reach for daily. So I’ve been trying to find inspo that works with the clothes I have that I feel comfortable in!! Sometimes I don’t feel gal enough in them but I guess that’s sort of my chronic confidence issue haha. It always feels like fancier styles are special and casual outfits are boring so I don’t end up posting them ╥﹏╥

Anyways I love this issue of Egg, I read it every summer!! 

I thought that lightweight baggy jeans and capris would be good for summer when I can’t wear shorts! I’ve been working from home since we moved but I think I’ll eventually maybe wanna go back. I’m just lazy bc it’s a longer walk now xD 

I like how she paired running shoes with her outfit! 

The makeup in this mag is really interesting! There’s so many different styles. 

I love her bright eye shadow, I haven’t found any bright shadows I can use yet but hopefully someday!! 

That’s all for now, see you soon!! 

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